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The Birth of Australian Cycling New Era - 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

May 30, 2021

The Birth of Australian Cycling New Era - 1984 Los Angeles Olympics 

The NSW Story behind the 1984 Olympics Team Pursuit Gold Medal.

Australia’s Gold Medal win in the 1984 Team Pursuit Los Angeles Olympics caught the attention & imagination of the people of Australia who would then proudly support our cyclists into the AIS program.

The win came at a time when aerodynamic technology was pulling the bicycle into strange new shapes and sports itself was becoming a business. This podcast investigates a group of NSW administrators and cyclists that played major roles in that Gold Medal win. It describes how their passion for the sport put a system in place to defeat the world biggest budget teams and the countries that believed they owned cycle racing.

Australia was acknowledged as a world cycling trailblazer in 1984 and this podcast looks at the Cycling NSW members behind that Gold Medal.     

Guests include – Ray Godkin, Alex Fulcher, Mark Fulcher, Geoff Scott, Kevin Nichols, Gary Sutton, Jock Bullen -- MARK WINDSOR (Cycling NSW Heritage Commission Chairman).

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